Be Encouraged!

Be encouraged that through every day God blesses us. No fireworks needed to appreciate His brilliance that lights our way. Glitz and glamor can cause brief clamor, but God’s blessings are forever a shining beacon that may appear as a tiny flicker along the way.

I give thanks for the many blessings of an often bumpy ride that splattered my way in 2015.  Not a day occurs without tremendous blessings! God awakens me each day. He feeds me on His Word that covers me like manna from heaven as I wander through the desert.

God provides a Savior who gives eternal life in His heaven that has no divisions…the sea has been removed as He tells us in Revelation 21:1. There will be no trials, no sorrow, no suffering, no pain.

I call Him Father, the daddy I longed for, but did not recognize His presence. How different my walk would have been had I sought and followed Him all my days. In ignorance and darkness, I chose not to do so, but most importantly, I now choose to have Him carry me and He is ever so loving and gentle.

Yes, I mess it up daily…a sharp word, a selfish act, a day too hurried to listen for His still, small voice, and you know the drill. Yet, God cleanses me with the blood of Jesus, disciplines with love where needed. He bathes me like a loving parent who washes the mud and grime from a young child, knowing that this job will be required repeatedly.

Thank You, Abba Father for your mercies that are new every morning, for your Word that never changes, for your love that covers me in the blanket of your grace.

Thank you, Jesus that you adorn me with linen and velvet to warm and protect my tender heart, when YOU, our precious Savior lay in swaddling rags on the stubbles of prickly hay, symbolic, I believe of what you would face for us.

What kind of love is this? That of our glorious Father, who art in heaven! Hallowed is Your name!

And so today, let us not miss the flicker of blessings that remind us of His eternal care. Be encouraged and grab hold for the journey of a lifetime!

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