Sticky Matter!

God gives us amazing object lessons to teach us in ways that often require a time of pondering for understanding. I experienced this when I discovered  that my  crèche had come unglued. Truly, I did not have an immediate “Aha!” moment in the significance of this  event. I jut hoped to find the cement glue to repair the beautiful rustic hand-carved pieces of the beautiful Christ story. After three attempts, the right glue and a waiting period of three days, the sticky matter is solid and all the stable pieces are in their places with Christ as the center. So it should be!

As I thankfully placed the crèche on my piano and placed twinkling lights nearby, God tripped the flood light on His message for me through this lesson. This is what He has done with the broken pieces of my life, never running out of grace and always having the right glue to hold together my sticky matters according to His higher plan.

I survived a major life stressor  in May when I sold my childhood home and relocated to RaLeigh. Let’s say that I am have been rather transient in my lifetime, but this time was so different. I left my dearest friends, my beloved church family and neighbors who were the best of shepherds even when we grumbled together and at each other.

Yet, I was determined to go west and God opened every door when the world screamed that it could not be done. He sold my house, supplied a sweet cottage made to order and allowed me to move to care for my two young grandchildren and to be close to my treasured daughter. Only God!

Of course, I chose to add a complication by adding a ministry job on top of a 55 hour/week childcare commitment. I love  children’s ministry, but really?!! Did God really tell me to begin working 65+ hours each week as I reached 65 years young? Ponder that!

Probably not! More likely, He whispered to be still before Him and listen. I can imagine His precious, gentle face as He bid me “Come, child. Sit a while with Me and know My peace as the breeze stirs My lullabye for you.”

Suffice it to say that I took off running anyway, but in His loving grace, God got my attention when he boomedo His command, “Get a life!” I twisted and turned, but obeyed, finishing my role in formal children’s ministry with a delightful children’s program and birthday party for Jesus.

I felt totally unglued, but God knows how to put me back together. He created me from a the sticky, gooey substance that He alone molds to its best form when we allow Him to work in our lives.

I will unwrap many precious gifts from this experience while I also allow God to lead as I plant into my calling here…two beautifully spirited granddaughters who are so open to falling in love with Jesus if led to do so. How exciting!

This journey truly has been a sticky matter in many ways, but as God promises in Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans  I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you hope and a future.” (ESV)

And so on this morning of Christmas Eve, I have the sparkle of glitter in my spirit! Eager to sit with my Father, although uncomfortable at times as He glues me back together with His everlasting Word and promises of faithfulness.

Now that is a “Sticky Matter!” and I praise God for the undying gift of Jesus Christ!




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